Schedule and prices

Every regular course is formed and starts after the registration (payment and filling out the online registration form) of at least 5 people!

During a declared pandemic, the courses will be held remotely.

Check in the news about formed courses or student recruitment period.

Prices of attendance courses:

CCNA                BGN 400 / per each of the three courses / IMPORTANT: All students (pupils, students, phd students) could apply for 50% discount on the price (a document certifying their status is needed).

Students, regardless of the education form, provide a document from the relevant university or a copy of a student booklet, which clearly shows the name of the student and that they are enrolled for the current semester.

The prices for a distant-blended courses are as follows:

CCNA                 BGN   200 / per each of the three courses /
CCNP                 BGN   500 / per each of the two courses /
IT Essentials       BGN  150
CCNA Security   BGN   300

These prices are not subject to additional discounts.

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