Book a training course

1. Choose the course you want to attend.

2. Choose the appropriate education form (weekend, evening or blended).

3. Select a date from our schedule or check in the news for an information.

4. Check out if there is a place for the course you've chosen (usually there will be a message in the news if there are no any places left)

5. Fill out in and save, as a Draft, our registration form.

6. After the deadline for an enrollment, students are notified by e-mail whether the group/class is formed.

If a group is formed, proceed to step 7:

7. Payment of the fee (bank transfer* or any convinient way): *budget payment order

Bank: Bulgarian National Bank
Address: 1, Knyaz Alexander І Sq., BG-1000 Sofia
IBAN: BG20 BNBG 9661 3400 1744 40
from abroad:
IBAN: BG83 BNBG 9661 1100 0661 41
Тhe receiver: Scientific Research Centre of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Important: You should also fill the reason for payment "CISCO academy - the chosen course", for example "CISCO academy - CCNA 1"

If you need an invoice in the name of a company, it is necessary to provide company invoce details when filling out the registration form.

8.  Attach a scanned copy of the payment order and the discount documents, if you apply for it, at the registration form and save it permanently. After saving the form, you will no longer be able to edit it.

When the course is formed, one or two days before the start date, the student should receive an e-mail contain an information for the initial registration on the website: and to access the training materials. This e-mail will also include an information about the instructor (s) who will lead the course, the venue and the start time. If here are any problems with the registration, it also could be done during the first training day.


  • Enrollment for a particular course is considered completed / final only after the completing of step 8. Before that it is consider that it's just an request / reservation.
  • The trainings in an on place courses (weekend or evening) begin when at least five people have registered (completed item 8) for the respective date.
  • Blended trainings could not begin in the date you've made the registration but at least 2-3 work days after that. So choose the start date acording that. In that situation it is not necessary to make an reservation, just follow steps 1, 7 and 8.
  • In case of not follow the steps from the above described enrollment procedure (for on place course - steps 2, 7 and 8), it is NOT guaranteed that you are enrolled in the chosen course.
  • In case of non attendance of the training (without any notifications) or not completing within the defied training period, the student could be re-enrolled only after completing if the steps 2, 7 and 8.
  • When students make the registration at our site or it is recommended to use e-mail address on,, etc. It is NOT recommended the use of e-mail on, and, because usually emails sent from Cisco is filtered as spam.
  • For the next levels of the courses (for example CCNA program, levels 1-3), each student who enrolls for levels 2 or 3 should attach at the registration form a screenshot with their results (Grades) from the respective previous level (Example: If you are enrol for level 2 of CCNA, attach a screenshot for your Grades from the passed level 1).
  • Students should scan (screenshot) and attach in the registration form a document corresponding to their student status:
  • Full-time / part-time students from all bulgarian universities provide a document that they are students and enrolled at the semester of the current academic year.
  • Students from any bulgarian schools - student ID card or screenshot of a student document.
  • Phd students - document for enrollment of a phd study from the higher education institution.

During the training, student should complete the all module tests included at the course (one per each module or a group of modules) as well as a final theoretical and final skills-based exams. The completion of the training (successful/ unsuccessful) depends on these three components which are the essential part of the final student's grade . Each course is considered as completed only after it been approved by the instructor.

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