Education Forms



Blended Distance Learning*

4 weeks

4 weekends

Up to 6 months

Every weekday (Monday-Friday)

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Individual program

5 pm - 20 pm

9 am - 3 pm

Pre-schedule time

Blended Distance Learning

form of training include

  • Self reading online learning materials
  • Hands-on laboratory - on place at the academy
  • Discussion with the instructor at convenient for both parties time - remote and / or in person during the laboratory sessions.

This course follows individual program and continues as long as the student needs, but with one exception - no more than six months from the date of enrollment.

For this type of training, if the payment is made during the first two weeks of a month, the course starts at the beginning of a next month. Also it is possible to start earlier if there is an available instructor.

The student is considered as enrolled after submitting our online enrollment form.


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